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Pony Icons
Main 6 icons by KarmaDash
Background 6 by KarmaDash
Loo contest by KarmaDash
Female and Male options
Normal, closed and alicorn wings available.
Regular unicorn horn
Custom background (I can make new/specific and plain/transparent)

They can come in single or group's

200:points: per icon or 1,000:points: for a group of 6 (Price is 150:points: if you have a plain/transparent background)
(You can send the through this widget, if you'd like a group of 6 I will create a custom widget for you specifically
I also accept the equivalent via paypal) 
Pony essence elixir's
Elixir: Pony essence by KarmaDash
Elixir: Shock an' Awe essence by KarmaDash
Your own little elixir of a pony's essence, the bottle contains their cutie mark. The bottle is the same colour at the main pelt

3 different types of wins; Normal,Twilight/Cadence/Celestia
Unicorns get a magical flow the colour of their magic
Items/related object to your OC 

Add a comment with the commission with the details I need.
Chibi Plushie icons
Lion King set by KarmaDash
Chibiterasu icon by KarmaDash
Sebeon icon by KarmaDash
Gabriel icon by KarmaDash
Dragonflyte icon by KarmaDash
Davion icon by KarmaDash
      Well maybe if I add this semi-fancy commission page more people might buy a custom icon from me ...

Most of these icons had been commissioned from users on other sites for a game currency, so it got kinda full fast hehe.

If you do commission then PLEASE send me a not so I don't loose you, as when I click accept the comment is deleted and I can't track you.




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Krystal Robinson (KarmaDash)
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Profile Content Copyright by TheLoveTrain


Heyo, I'm Karma. I'm 18 ... and draw when I'm bored. (And now write Fanfiction)

My fursona is Karma(Kabisa) the lioness - She is not a furry
She's A Wildcat by MelSebeon
:PC: I Got Your Butt by JasmynGarden

KarmaDash stamp by KarmaDash
Reply Comments Stamp by KelpyKrad Stamp: Love Commenters by Flame-of-the-Phoenix

Stamp - Paint Tool Sai User by firstfearNever... by prosaix

I'm a weird girl ... with a Welsh/English accent.

"Sometimes, you need to stop looking at the small details and take a step back to see the bigger picture."

My Birthday is October 5th
My birthday badge
Libra posing by Botchan-MLP

My Ovipets
My LioDen

People that inspire me:

Support Buttons


Support Stamps
LanieJ fan stamp by KarmaDash.: I Ship Jappet :. by SillyTheWolf
Michael Clifford Stamp by Kalya98


I plead that you don't end up with a complete idiot for a President like I have to deal with Politicians in the UK

What? You may ask. Well why the hell are some of you people voting for Trump? Would you seriously be happy that a racist, rapist (yeah, he raped his ex-wife), misogynist AND pro-life

I even found this;

"Adolf Hitler rose to power by promising to fix Germany and return it back to the powerful land it once was before the First World War, blaming Jews, primarily, for the downfall of their nation.

Donald Trump is rising to power by promising to fix America (‘Make America Great Again’) and return it back to the powerful land it once was, blaming Latinx and Chinese people for the downfall of the nation."

Please guys, please don't let him be in charge of America, he'll be the reason so many people will hate America because that's whose leading them.

Hilary isn't as bad, but she's not great either. Don't vote for "Deez Nutz" as a joke ... if you want to vote, for for Bernie.
  • Mood: Disgust
  • Listening to: Neon Trees - Animal
  • Drinking: Water
Ok ... this website has stolen some of my art!…

I have no idea how to report it
(They even have pics of you CaptainUnstoppable77 in my tag >.>)

I can also see some of benybing and SillyTheWolf art in my tag

Ok, so this is a hacker website, and signing this petition
Thanks to SirKittenpaws for showing me this
  • Mood: Anger
  • Listening to: Maroon 5 - Animals
  • Reading: Hermionie/Draco fanfiction
  • Drinking: Water
Ok, so a local(ish) con took place over the weekend, sadly I couldn't go, but some of my friends did, and I just wanna share her cosplay because it's awesome

New Suicide Squad Harley Quinn by ALilNightmare

P.S I may be going as the New 52 Harley in October to a con, so I might post pics of me O.o
  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: Maroon 5 - Animals
  • Reading: Hermionie/Draco fanfiction
  • Drinking: Water
Patel OTA by KarmaDash
Patel OTA
1. inspired by waters and seafoam

2. Inspired by sweets/candy

3. Inspired by Thunderlane and Spitfire

4. Inspired by Coco Pommel

All can be modified, and you can choose their race's ect Offer to adopt ^^
For the love of writing by KarmaDash
For the love of writing
Commission for CaptainUnstoppable77 of well, this because he had to do it so he could get a fellow author to write this ship (Disclaimer, this did not actually occur in real life, because we can't magically have a sex change fro one night)

Anyway, here's his OC and JakeTheArmyGuy's who have been turned into mares because Bad is lesbian, she does not want the D's XD

(I was simultaneously amused and disturbed about drawing this, but I also find it hilarious that these guys put themselves in these situations.)

Please don't be offended, this was all meant as a joke between a few MLP fanfiction writers, don't take it seriously.

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dA Macindash confirmed xD
Macindash by luluflaire
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ready to take my commission out of storage? 
KarmaDash Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I shall do it when I next get to my laptop ^^
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Aww thank you so much
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Do you do commission covers? 
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Covers for what?
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